Why JdL

° JdL offers you a bussiness with total liberty of election. You choose how you sell our products and the hours you work. The more time you invest in your bussiness, the better the results. You can sell your products through markets, exhibitions, through our catalogue or to your friends and family online.

° JdL will automatically compensate you for your efforts. Not only you will receive a good commission, the incentives are also very attractive.

° ‘I wish to reach all markets, not only one’

Today it’s not so common, but thanks to the expansion of JdL, everything is possible. If you have friends in other parts of the country, you can offer them the possibility of working with JdL. It doesn’t matter if they are far, they will still receive all our support and their commissions as if they were in the same town.
Janina de Luxe Parfums