The Company’s philosophy

JdL’s vision
JdL has been recognized as a company of great professionalism, due to the outstanding quality of its products and their attractive price. All of this, added to its great marketing support makes personal success very achievable.

The mission of JANINA DE LUXE – We keep our promises.
We promise that you can lead a better life with JdL. This means, to our clients, that they can feel and look better by using our products. To our collaborators, that we will provide the support for all of those willing to work with us and to whom we offer a real opportunity of change.

The courage of JANINA DE LUXE – Balance
We believe that balance is the key in every aspect of life. We believe that we should be conscious of our well-being, that we should be aware of our financial safety and of the importance of our personal care. The perfect balance in everything that is really important in life.

Our net of partners and collaborators is based on trust. To achieve this, we must have trust in our products, in our philosophy and in our collaborators and colleagues.

We have grown from a company of only three people, to a worldwide successful company. We have reached this by presenting to people the opportunity of improving their lifestyle in different ways. And we are going to carry on doing it.
Janina de Luxe Parfums